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Mattress Cleaning Manchester

Did you know that the average bed contains millions of dust mites? Eliminate them all today by hiring Right Cleaners Manchester – our tried and tested mattress cleaning technique – available across Manchester – is all-natural, dry and chemical-free.

We can help you in any private or business premises in the local area.

How We Do It

Our Manchester cleaners will use high-intensity ultra-violet light to kill any dust mites, spores and bacteria in your bedroom. We’ll then use a combination of vibration and suction to agitate the resulting debris and remove it entirely.

We don’t want to take up time in your busy schedule, so we’ve made our mattress cleaning service as efficient as possible. We don’t need to remove your mattress from your bed, and the portable system will only take approximately 15 minutes to set up.

There’ll be no drying time whatsoever, and our chemical-free methods are safe for all types of mattresses and pillows.

Take Advantage of Our Sofa Cleaning Option

Did you know our Manchester mattress cleaning technicians can also carry out expert sofa cleaning for you? We’ll start by inspecting the fabric in question, and then decide the most appropriate method of cleaning. That’ll be one of the three following methods:

  • Dry cleaning – it’s gentle enough to avoid harming the fibres, yet powerful enough to provide excellent results
  • Dry foam cleaning – a carefully applied foam will be left to harden and then extracted with strong suction
  • Steam cleaning – we’ll use hot water extraction techniques to remove any dirt and grime

Experience True Efficiency

  • A residual effect will continue to destroy allergens for up to 72 hours following your mattress cleaning service
  • All professional-standard equipment and detergents used during your service are eco and pet-friendly
  • Our Manchester mattress and sofa cleaning experts are fully vetted, trained and certified
  • You’re our priority – you’ll get 24-hour care and support from our advisers
  • You can get free, no-obligation quotes from Right Cleaners Manchester for either of these services without making any further commitments

Want to Get in Touch?

All you need to do is call 016 1823 1776. It doesn’t matter whether you’re booking our mattress cleaning or sofa cleaning service, our technicians will work 7 days a week for you. This includes weekends and Bank Holidays for no extra fee.

If you’d prefer to make your booking with Right Cleaners Manchester online, we’ve got a user-friendly form that’s quick and easy to complete.